Privacy Policy

What is the information taken for

As part of our shopping activities, we need some customer-owned information related to order delivery and site software integration systems. These include name, address, phone number, email, internet protocol (IP) address, etc. Information retrieval is carried out in different sequences: data related to the system can be retrieved when the customer browses our website, while more personal data is collected when order and purchase occurs.

Permissions and Consents

Customers will be asked for permission and consent to provide the required information for specific shopping activities. Some of these relate to credit card access provision, such as when making transactions and placing orders; giving a residential address when making deliveries, or replacing goods; and including an email address for marketing purposes.

We will also provide further options if the customer chooses not to be interested in some cases. If the customer wants to change or withdraw the forms of permits and consents that have been given at any time, it can be done by contacting us through the communication methods listed on the “Contact Us”.

Disclosure and Third-Party Involvement

We can disclose information that customers provide if there are indications or occurrences of: fraud in our environment related to the customer concerned; obligations related to government policies in fulfilling corporate and legal responsibilities; business expansions at a wider level. Information belonging to customers that we disclose may also be provided to third parties for several reasons such as: the interest of improving services and accessibility of systems and websites; the need for supporting services related to our business but are additional and not included in it; and/or matters relating to the law and the authorities.

Some of these third parties also have their own policies in managing customer information that we are disclosing. We recommend checking out their Privacy Policy page for specific details. Various activities carried out on/related to third-party sites and services are beyond our responsibility. Don’t hesitate to contact us via the methods listed on the “Contact Us” for further information regarding this matter.

Information Retention and Security

We consider the retention and security of customer information as a significant and serious matter. That is why we treat this information with the utmost care. We leverage industry best practices and take early precautions so that customer information is not responsibly lost, exposed, replaced, destroyed, altered, or misused.

We have also equipped all access to our site with the ‘HTTPS’ technology function, which serves to increase the security of information and sensitive personal data. We always actively monitor and maintain our systems, software, and hardware to overcome various weaknesses, disturbances, attacks, and other forms of vulnerabilities, in an effort to improve customer security and convenience in using our services.


Storage of cookies on customer devices is required for several purposes related to site preferences and personalizing the customer experience using our services. These include data generated from various activities on web pages, such as automated account logins or order history. Cookies are safe to store and have become a basic element in the industry involving access to websites and apps. However, this is still optional: customers can set on their respective devices to not store cookies.

We will only place cookies when a customer accesses our website. The cookies we use are only intended to improve the service and customer’s experiences in using our various tendances. We do not place cookies for information retrieval purposes, both personal and system-related.

Age of Consent

Using this site, the customer consciously confirms that the user/customer has met the minimum age majority standard allowed to access various content on this site in the jurisdiction where the customer is domiciled. Please note that the use of the site and access to various contents in it are not intended for minors. If we find that information from minors has been collected, we will directly terminate it.

Privacy Policy Changes and Updates

We reserve the right to change, update, add, and remove either part or all of the part of the Privacy Policy page at any time. Therefore we recommend that customers regularly check the Privacy Policy page so that conditions of mutual understanding can always be maintained. The changes and updates take effect immediately after the intended point appears on the website. Notifications of changes and updates will be sent to customers so that conditions of mutual understanding can be achieved if there are aspects that need to be mediated.


By accessing the subscription feature on our site, customers consciously agree to receive various marketing regarding our products and services, whether done automatically by the system or in various other forms. The frequency of marketing is erratic and occurs continuously. Customers have the full right to unsubscribe and stop marketing activities directed at them. Customers also have the right to request the termination of their personal information related to marketing activities. We are always obliged to follow the customer’s rights regarding marketing preferences. For termination of subscription status/marketing activities and further information, customers can contact us via the methods listed on the “Contact Us”.


We collaborate with Shopify as a third-party hosting service provider for our sites and systems. To support shopping activities such as orders placement, transactions, payments, etc., some information about customers, both systemic and personal data, is transmitted and stored on Shopify’s hardware and software systems that are well protected and secure.

Concerning the mode of payment that uses a direct payment gateway using a debit/credit card, Shopify also stores data and information related to your card. Your data will be protected, regulated, and managed by and based on the Shopify system that puts forward the type of technology standardized by PCI-DSS or the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. PCI-DSS empowerment is the best practice implemented within such an industry. This technology regulates transmission activities and securely secures information and data involving debit/credit cards: between us as service and product providers; you as a user/customer; and Shopify as a third party. Systemic data and personal information needed by third parties and us to carry out transactions are only stored temporarily. When various needs have been completed, the systemic data and personal information will be terminated immediately.

Shopify as a third party has its own provisions regarding some specific matters. We, therefore, recommend that you also read Shopify’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more information.

Contact Us

If the customer has needs related to data management, submits a complaint, or asks for more information, the customer can contact our staff at