Care Guide

General Instructions

Carefully read all garment care labels before handling your garments

In most cases, the use of mild cleaning fluids is required before rinsing with cold water. Some products do not need to be washed and just enough to go through the dry clean process.

To avoid damage to the fabric, it is not advisable to: soak garments; remove stains by rubbing; dry by wringing.

For drying, hang the garment or lay them flat.

Bras/Bustiers and Silk-made Products

Strictly hand wash only, use mild cleaning fluids before rinsing with cold water.

To dry the products: (bra/bustier) press it gently to extract the excess water, then dry by hanging or put it flat (silk-made) dry only by hanging or laying it flat

DO NOT: Wash and dry the products by using machine; dry by wringing

Using a washer and dryer can damage: the bra/bustier’s cup portion and their nylon underwire protective layer; the fabric of silk-made products; other delicate materials.