Shipping Information

Delivery Time and Fee

NOTE: The shipping time below is only based on the general average. Delivery duration may take longer if: there is a technical problem on the carrier side; the momentum of holidays; high shipping traffic.


Shipping fee will be capped at a flat rate of $5. 

Delivery takes 3-5 working days


International shipping fee to the South East Asia will be capped at a flat rate of $12 while to countries like the United States, Europe etc will be based on the weight of the package.  

Tracking, Arriving and Receiving

Based on the carriers’ policies in general, every order and shipment will be tracked. After arriving at the destination address, a signature is required to indicate that the order has been received. Suppose the courier does not find anyone to accept the order and sign it at the destination address, in that case, your order will be taken back to the local carrier’s office to be stored until the recipient has claimed the goods later. Regarding instructions for claiming or sending back, the carrier will contact you for more information. Please visit the selected carrier’s website for details on the latest shipment status and tracking.

Packing and Packaging

Each order will be packed with a safe outer wrap. This is intended so that each order arrives in optimal condition. Following the carriers’ policies, information about the sender and recipient must be included to facilitate the delivery process. Information regarding the orderer and the ordered goods will be kept to a minimum.

Cancelling and Exchanging

Make sure your order is correct and ready to be processed. Try to minimize mistakes in ordering. If the order has been placed, the goods will be immediately packed to be sent and reach the customer’s address as soon as possible. Orders that have been placed can no longer be cancelled, changed, added, returned, and refunded.

If there are still any items that have not been added to the previous order, the customer needs to make a new order. We only provide a guarantee if a delivery error is caused by us (excluding errors caused by the carrier). The guarantee from the errors we cause is only in changing the size and number of the ordered items. Replacement into alternative goods can only be done if the stock size of replacement goods is unavailable.

Conditions for replacing: the form of the goods must remain in their original condition; all stamps, tags, and other markings must remain in their original place; goods to be replaced must not be damaged, washed, deformed, or altered in any condition.

If the alternative item you choose has a higher price, you need to make additional payments according to the cost added to the price of the originally ordered item. If the alternative is cheaper, the excess cost will be transferred to your account using the same method when making the initial payment. To replace and for more information, you can contact our Customer Care.

Replacement request can only be made within 14 days after the order are confirmed to be received. If you meet the requirements, the goods to be replaced will be processed within 28 days (not including delivery time). For any reason, the cost of returning goods is borne by the customer. The returns goods schemes related to issues done by the carrier can be read on each carrier’s website.


Delivery to these types of addresses is currently unavailable

Importing and Customs

If the order’s delivery is included as import activities, there will be some taxes that need to be borne by the buyer. This tax is also related to the facile of customs activities handled by the carrier and can affect the length of delivery time. To find out the amount of tax and the length of customs activity in each country, it is advisable to consult with the nearest carrier office and service. The carrier will need additional information on customs activities for a facile import process and will contact you if additional information is required.